Mix CD Challenge

What is it? It’s a group where we exchange music, plain and simple.

What do I do? You create a mix cd/playlist, according to the theme and submit it (usually to me, Nicole). You can submit 5 copies of a physical cd (encouraged) with track listings and (!) album art (doubly encouraged), OR you can upload a playlist for people to download.

What do I get back? 5 amazing and diverse mix cds! (assuming you submitted physical cds yourself) But that’s not ALL! You also get all of the links to all of the playlists submitted (digital AND cd). (This is just what you get if you submit a digital playlist). So if 6 people participate with 6 cds, you get 5 (as you don’t need to receive your own)… if 20 people participate, you get 5 cds + 14 extra playlists.

From the challenge deadline, I’ll upload one mix every week and email it out to the participants. If you get your mix in on time, you are privy to ALL the mixes. If you get your mix in one week late, you only miss the first mix. And so on. This allows people to submit late (due to forgetfulness, busy life or whatever excuse suits your fancy) and still participate. This also means that you’re not bombarded by 20 playlists (or whatever) all at once.

How do I submit a mix? IF, and it pains me that local people might use this option (if you’re not local, by all means), you want to submit digitally… you can do so at We Transfer. Please include with your files: track listing and a title for your mix which explains how you interpreted the theme. Also include your email address (though I suppose it’s required to submit). Optional: digital cover art! You can send your “we transfer” to my email: nicolebraseth [at] gmail [dot] com.

Contact: Nicole to make arrangements for CD swapping or for any questions you have.

Want to interact with the other people participating? Discuss theme interpretations, put in your two cents for the next challenge’s theme, etc. etc. on the facebook group.

Happy Mixing!


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