#yegmusicclub had humble beginnings as a twitter hashtag. Once there was interest in formally getting together (in what the kids call a “tweet-up”), #yegmusicclub was officially born. Our inaugural meeting took place in May of 2010 at Original Joe’s (Varsity) and continues to meet about once a month.

What do we do? Mostly we listen to new music and chat about it… and shows we’ve seen recently, festivals we want to create, bands we want to see live and sometimes even Justin Bieber. Just kidding.

So what’s the blog about? It’s a place to put our music thoughts down, in between meetings, and a way to share with our fellow clubbers (and Edmonton) what we’re seeing live, what we’re listening to, yada yada.


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Marvin Lee January 18, 2011 at 9:10 pm

just following the #amia hashtag on twitter which lead me to this site. would love to have intelligent music discussions with people in #yeg.

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