It’s all in the numbers. A look at start times. Pt. 1

by nicole on November 11, 2012

Venues are obviously a big part of the live music experience. We all have favourite spots to see bands play and we all seem to have those venues we can’t stand. Edmonton has a variety of venues and each handles their shows differently. Something that plays into our love/hate for a venue (amongst other things) is set times. Advertised vs. actual.

We’ve all been there… you hear the opener is slated to begin at 9pm so you diligently show up at 8:30pm. When they don’t play til 10, you’re already a little antsy and perhaps a bit annoyed. Especially if it’s a Monday and you have work the next morning.

While I know there are venues that deliver prompt set times (with pretty much any of our theatre/orchestra spaces you know the show is going to start when they say it will-┬áthe Winspear Centre, the Jubilee, the Myer-Horowitz are all examples to aspire to), I’d like to gather info on bar shows and other venues. Why? So I know that when I attend a Starlite show on a Tuesday or Pawn Shop on a Thursday, I can be relatively certain of when is an appropriate time to show up. And so I can call them on it :)

So I need your help. I need your data to build this theory. Want to fight in the war against set time creep? Please send or tweet your concert data with the following info:

Venue: Brixx
Date: November 5, 2012
Opener: Mynabirds
Advertised set time: 9pm. Actual set time: 9:10pm

Headliner: A.C. Newman
10pm / 10:22pm

Precision is important: 10:51 is better than 10:45…ish. Bonus points for time the show ends. And yes, the A.C. Newman show is real data – the first of many. Thanks for your help and I’ll keep you posted!


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