Aftermath: Secret House Concert with Library Voices & Dinosaur Bones

by nicole on October 12, 2011

photo by Aaron Vanimere

One Sunday night, twelve musicians, forty guests, one loft space, one passive-aggressive noise complaint email, thirty jell-o shots and some grapes are an odd equation, but add up to one hell of a sweaty dance party house show that me and Rob (lender of the space and gracious host) constructed.

Library Voices (and opening act Dinosaur Bones who were a last-minute addition as they just happened to be in town) never fail to put on an amazing live show, be it a packed club or a packed living room.

How could I begin to capture this awesome night in words? I can’t. Lucky for me, Aaron was there to take photos. And when the video that Drew and Sandy took is posted, I’ll share that too.

photo by Aaron Vanimere

We’ll talk more about house concerts (I want more), you and I, but I needed to put this post up before Michael killed me.

Lastly, I’m sorry if you didn’t get to come. Guests were, as I stated before, invite-only (to preserve Rob’s living situation). Take me out for coffee sometime and you’ll be on the list next time, I promise. Thanks to everyone that showed up and made it such a sweaty, humid, amazing night. Seriously, Rob had to mop up after.

photo by Aaron Vanimere


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