A Foosday Update

by Erin on June 15, 2011

See what I did there? Foosday – Tuesday…?!

Ok, so it’s not a secret that puns are a touchy subject in our little club – but it’s late, cut me some slack! Besides, @nutsandgum has already unfollwed me once this week already. Ha!

Yesterday morning @SONiC1029 announced that The Foo Fighters were going to return to Rexall Place in October. What a glorious way to start the day, yeah? Hell yeah! Way to drop that on a Monday morning! Kudos, really!

If you were at their last show in Edmonton, you’ll likely remember it as the show with the girl who left to take a shit in the middle of ┬áMr. Grohl’s set?! The famous guitar battles? And the sttriangle solo?! What a solo it was!

For me, the memory of the show started with winning the first pair of tickets in the city. That’s what Garner told me anyway… I try to plan ahead as much as I can, but this was the first time that I remember literally counting down over 100 days until the show, with tickets in hand. December until March seemed like an eternity. I had never seen The Foo Fighters before… ever. This was my U2360 show. I. Was. Geeked.

And the excitement starts again! October 28th may feel like an eternity away right now, but it will arrive, and with it bears one of the best rock screams I’ve ever heard live. Dave Grohl is to music what Chuck Norris is to a punch line.

I thought I’d end this with one of my favorite Foo Songs….

Cheers… See you at the show!



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