Mix CD Challenge 4: Revision

by nicole on November 29, 2010

I’m constantly evolving the process of how this exchange should work. Mix CD Challenge #1 was a disc-only exchange, but I thought that left some people out that a) didn’t care to receive cds and b) were potentially too far away for the exchange to work (inexpensively at least). So Challenge #2 was a hybrid- you could submit digital OR physical mixes, and I uploaded all of the playlists for everyone to enjoy. Now it appears we have an issue with deadlines. I hate them as much as the next person, but how do you run the challenge without them? I’ve finally found the solution (thank you laziness!):

From the challenge deadline, I’ll upload one mix every week and email it out to the participants. If you get your mix in on time, you are privy to ALL the mixes. If you get your mix in one week late, you only miss the first mix. And so on.

Today marks the second week I’ve sent out a mix (Paul’s “Can-Con Encyclopedia”), and if you get yours in by Friday I will email you the link. We are short on disc exchanges, so if you get me 5 copies of your mix, I’ll make sure you receive a link for last week’s mix too (Lesley’s “For An Infidel” mix). Happy Mixing!


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