Mix CD Challenge #4 – Fall 2010

by nicole on October 13, 2010

You might immediately notice that this is Challenge #4… but what? Where are the other challenges? I’ve been running them through a facebook group (where things like theme are discussed and I occasionally message you with info about upcoming exchanges– feel free to join or get your Challenge news here).

What is it? It’s a group where we exchange music, plain and simple.

What do I do? You create a mix cd/playlist, according to the theme and submit it (usually to me, Nicole). You can submit 5 copies of a physical cd (encouraged) with track listings and (!) album art (doubly encouraged), OR you can upload a playlist (instructions to follow) for people to download.

What do I get back? 5 amazing and diverse mix cds! (assuming you submitted physical cds yourself) But that’s not ALL! You also get all of the links to all of the playlists submitted (digital AND cd). (This is just what you get if you submit a digital playlist). So if 6 people participate with 6 cds, you get 5 (as you don’t need to receive your own)… if 20 people participate, you get 5 cds + 14 extra playlists.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? Well, we haven’t set a deadline or a theme yet… so if you have thoughts on theme, please leave them in the comments, or on the discussions page in the Facebook group. The best theme suggestions are broad enough that anyone can play (no restrictions on music genre, time period, etc. etc.). So far we’ve been employing Mad-Lib style themes where you fill in a blank to set the tone of your cd. Ie. Songs to _________ to. (Mix CD Challenge #1) or the Battles theme: _________ vs ___________ (#3).

Once we choose a theme and a deadline, I’ll post some guidelines! Happy Mixing!


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