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by New Music Michael on October 24, 2010

Hey there. Email was a lot slower last week, what with all the PR firms, and a ton of bands, in New York City for CMJ (I’m expecting a deluge this week, and all the bands from CMJ fan out across the continent, should be some great live music out there too) . So I had to go exploring on my own, but still managed to find some phenomenal bands – more about that in a bit.

First, I was very angry this week. Rawlco Radio received a license for a brand new FM station a few years ago (Magic99) predicated on being a light jazz station. In my humble opinion, they ONLY got the license because they were going to be a light jazz station.

So, what happened – as soon as it become feasible, they told the CRTC that such a format was “no longer viable”, and they wanted to switch formats to “middle of the road”. My problem isn’t with them changing to #lamesauce, it’s with them gaming the system. I believe this was their plan all along, to get another station in the market that has the potential for a much larger audience than a light jazz station would. So I’m angry at them for attempting such a maneuver; and angry at the CRTC for obviously not doing anything about it.

The thing is, if everyone switches their format to middle-of-the-road, which is what appears to be happening, there won’t be enough audience for all those stations. In the meantime, for those of us who don’t enjoy any local radio, we’re simply finding other alternatives – ipods, satellite radio, internet radio, what have you. And once we’re gone, we’re never likely to come back to terrestrial radio. It’s a slippery slope, my friends.

At any rate, here’s some bands I found:

No Joy drops a new album “Ghost Blonde” November 16. Take a listen to one of the tracks, Heedless.

No Joy – Heedless

Sad Days for Puppets – I did a full album review over on my blog for their most recent album, “Pale Silver & Shiny Gold”, and ended up giving it a 7. There’s some really great tracks, but there’s also a few tracks I’d skip entirely next time I listen to it.

Bonjay popped up on my radar twice on Thursday. Not my usual fare, a little more “urban” than most of the music I listen to, but I have no doubt some of you would enjoy their music. Check out the first track from their recent EP “Broughtupsy”, called “Stumble” when you get a chance.

Concerts on my Calendar: Cygnets are holding a CD release party November 20 at the Pawn Shop, free cover, and everyone gets a copy of the CD. The weekend before, on November 14, also at the Pawn Shop, there’s a trio of awesome bands – Hollerado, Free Energy, and Foxy Shazam.

Follow me on twitter – @mikeatqazam – and let me know about any new bands you’ve found. Don’t forget, I also write my own blog – New Music Michael - focuses almost exclusively on new music. Stay awesome!


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